Singin’ in the Rain dress

I’m singin’ the praises of my latest dress!

Singin' in the Rain dress

I know, it’s yet another dress. I think I’ve now made as many dresses this year as in the last two combined. Now that I’ve found a bodice I really love the fit of and can use as a block, I just can’t seem to pull myself away from making dresses. It’s seriously been the difference between me never wearing dresses in my closet and me not being able to sew dresses fast enough to wear.

And I’m really pleased with how this one came together. I made Simplicity 1523 from 1945, which features an inset waistband, a cut-on sleeve bodice with square neck, and a slightly gathered skirt.

Simplicity 1523, pattern from 1945

However, since I already had a cut-on sleeve square-neck bodice that fit me well, naturally there was no reason to try and fuss and fuss with the original bodice–I just went with the one I used before. Except I lowered the bust darts again, and this time was the winner!

Singin' in the Rain dress

You may also have noticed the vintage pattern is a wrap dress, but I decided I just wanted a straight up normal dress. (However, I’m totally revisiting the wrap dress idea in the future, I love how it buttons at the back waist!) In doing so it meant I had to make some changes, since the back pieces were obviously shaped for the wrap over bit, so instead I just used the front piece for the back as well. I also opted to do a center back lapped zipper although I still kind of like side zippers better, I think. I keep switching between the two as my stash dictates.

Singin' in the Rain dress

I took a chance just using the original waistband with my bodice without shortening it, and it worked out well. In hindsight I should probably have taken the bodice up a bit to account for the 1.5″ wide waistband, as the bodice does get baggy a tad bit when I’m moving around. Of course I didn’t decide that fast enough and I’d already started on a second version before realizing it, so whatever. Not a big deal.

Singin' in the Rain dress

We’re not going to talk about matching the print along the back. Because it’s not matched… because I did it wrong, like an idiot. Pretend you didn’t know that and I just didn’t care to do it, okay?

Singin' in the Rain dress

I’ve named this dress Singin’ in the Rain, and it actually rained the day I took photos! (And was also c-c-c-cold and windy.)

Singin' in the Rain dress

Everyone on Instagram went bananas for this fabric when I previewed it, and rightfully so! It’s a Tula Pink print from the Prince Charming collection that was out a few years ago.

This fabric was probably in my stash the longest of anything, so I’m thrilled to finally sew it up!

Singin' in the Rain dress

I just love the combination of coral, tomato red, aqua and dark teal with these whimsical little rain drops. Seriously, I’m still so in love with this fabric!

Singin' in the Rain dress

I don’t have any other dresses in my wardrobe with an inset waistband like this, but I’m really enjoying the look. I’m already hard at work on a second version, with a slightly different skirt and neckline. What can I say, looks like my sewing for awhile might be variations on a theme! Hope you don’t get too bored. πŸ˜‰

Singin' in the Rain dress

outfit details

Singin’ in the Rain dress: made by me
Bakelite-style earrings: custom made by The Pink Bungaloo
Bakelite bangles: misc.
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
cupcakes umbrella: purchased in Ireland in 2010

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