A fabulous antiquing day in St. Louis

Hello, friends! Goodness have I ever been busy. So busy that I can’t even seem to catch up with, well, about anything. We just got back from one road trip and here I am showing you photos from two road trips ago. Albeit, it was only last weekend. Like I said…busy!

The weekend before the 4th of July holiday weekend, we drove to St. Louis to visit Mel’s sister and our brother-in-law, niece, and nephew. We try to get down there at least once a year, and we were definitely overdue for a tripβ€”they bought a new house last fall and we hadn’t even seen it yet!

Visiting them is always wonderful, and this time it also helped get our butts in gear about doing some things around the house we’ve been very lazy about (we are going for paint samples for our bedroom and the den this week, end of story!). That’s because my sister-in-law had already done so much around their house! Including recently painting their front door, and since I matched one day, of course I had to pose in front of it.

Freddies of Pinewoods shorts and Trashy Diva Trixie top(ha ha, Pia photobombed!)

outfit details

shorts: Freddies of Pinewoods
top: Trashy Diva
shoes: Worishofer
lucite earrings: Leetie Lovendale
cherries brooch: Dolly Cool

We had a great weekend. There was naturally plenty of hanging out with the adults, but also horsing around with the kids!

horsing around

One of the days, Leslie and CJ had the idea to take us to Cherokee Antique Row, a cute historic district chock full of antique shops. To say we did well would be an understatement!

First, we stopped in Retro 101 and I’m pretty sure we almost lost our minds. Lots of well-priced vintage clothes, I couldn’t even look through it all. True fact: I love looking at vintage clothes but I rarely shop for them in person, and I get easy overwhelmed. Since pretty much all of my vintage dresses and skirts are too big, and I’ve been sewing dresses like a storm, I mainly focused on the amazing huge rack of skirts. I picked up three beauties. (And still regret not purchasing one that was a smidge too small!)

First, there’s this aqua, gray and black number, a color palette that’s just perfect!

aqua and gray vintage skirt

And then I got this purple, violet and yellow skirt. I felt like it was an unusual and vibrant color combination, and I couldn’t resist it!

purple and violet vintage skirt

Aren’t those prints amazing? In fact, I’ve already ordered some solid-colored Kona cottons to make matching summery tops. I’ll talk more about those plans soon!

vintage skirts

And finally, the last skirt I purchased has a Hawaiian theme. It needs a little TLC (I have to fix one of the belt loops, spot treat a stain and give the skirt a good soak), but it was a great price for a phenomenal print!

vintage Hawaiian skirt

I mean, look at that scene! Swoon.

vintage Hawaiian skirt closeup

Mel also did well and picked up two Hawaiian shirts. After working hard to lose weight over the last year or so, and it was exciting for Mel to find some smaller shirts that fit! (This is the reason that I ended up losing some weight too by the way, as a side effect of Mel’s weight loss, since we’ve been eating better!)

Hawaiian shirt

One of them was a Japanese rayon shirt with a great label!


Aloha Japanese rayon shirt

Oh and did I mention I even bought a hat? I never wear vintage hats. Like, ever. Except for winter, I’m really just not a hat person. However as soon as I saw this straw hat it was like an instant attraction and I absolutely had to have it. Maybe I’ve finally found the one style of vintage hat I’ll wear!

vintage straw hat

Isn’t it fantastic?!

hat closeup

And last but not least, I also picked up this pretty silk scarf.

green scarf

At first glance I thought the design was African, but on closer inspection I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s supposed to be Aztec. What do you think?

scarf closeup

Now that was all from the same shop if you can believe it, but later on we had a few other good finds, too. I found an adorable small straw purse. The top slides up and down the strap!

vintage straw purse

And a couple of lovely sewing patterns. Doesn’t the dress on the right remind you of Cambie? I also think it would be a great pattern to try and hack into a blouse. And I love those scallops on View 1!

vintage sewing patterns

The last thing I picked up just for me is this amazing Miss America silk scarf that my sister-in-law spotted. Judging from the hairstyles and bathing suits, I’d guess it was from the 1940s. I had to lay it on the floor because it’s quite big!

Miss America scarf

Here’s Miss North and Miss South:

1940s Miss America scarf (Miss North and Miss South)

And Miss East and Miss West:

1940s Miss America scarf (Miss East and Miss West)

It’s not in perfect condition, but it’s such a unique scarf, it seems a shame to just use it in my hair since you can’t see it in its full glory that way. So I’m considering the idea of framing it and putting it on our guest bedroom wall.

The last item we picked up was for the house. And it’s a stunner!

Mel and our new vintage lamp

All of our table lamps are vintage, and there was only one spot left where I wanted a new one, on top of a small Kent Coffey dresser in the guest bedroom that holds knitting needles in one drawer, and stockings and slips in the others. (What, you don’t multi-purpose your furniture?)

pink and gold mid-century vintage lamp

The tiers of the lamp are pink and gold and remind me of flying saucers. I love it! Quintessential mid-century goodness.

pink and gold mid-century vintage lamp

Our niece and nephew were awesomely behaved during the whole antiquing adventure, and everyone got to have frozen custard as a treat afterwards!

Ted Drewes custard

(P.S. no I didn’t get a silly dinky size frozen custard, I got a respectably bigger size! That was a cup of water I was holding.)

On the drive home we renewed our desire to get a few things in order in the house. We have several rooms left to paint and put up art (to date we’ve only painted the living room, hallway and the bathroom during the remodel), curtains and blinds to buy, and various other decorating things to attend to. So I hope to have some more house posts in the upcoming months for you. πŸ™‚

All in all we had a fantastic visit, and came home with inspiration and an epic vintage haul. What a wonderful weekend!

antiquing outfit

outfit details

top and bolero: made by me (I’ll blog about them soon!)
jeans: Freddies of Pinewoods
same earrings & shoes as first outfit
purse: Coach
Bakelite bangles: misc.

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Golly, 28 Comments!

  • Nice finds! I live in the suburbs of St. Louis.


  • so glad you went to Ted Drewes! We will have to check out the antique mall next time we go to STL!


  • You scored some amazing vintage while you were down in St. Louis! All three of your skirts are beautiful! I’m eager to see what you sew to wear with them!


  • I love all your finds, but your outfit in that first photo is to die for! x


  • Long time reader…..first time comment-er πŸ™‚ What great finds and MEL LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!! Props to her for all that hard work.


  • I just went to this street in St. Louis a few weeks ago, and Retro 101 totally blew my mind as well!!! The place is magic!


    • I know!! It’s been literally years since I’ve been in a vintage shop with that much clothing, let alone so much GREAT clothing! I could have stayed hours. lol


  • THAT HAT! Oh my god! But you already know how I feel about hats…

    All of those skirts are so fabulous! I once bid on an auction for some of the same fabric that white tropics scene skirt is made out of and it STILL makes me a bit crestfallen whenever I think about it.


    • I totally was channeling you when I bought the hat! What a shame about the fabric! I definitely have a few of those types of things where I still think about them months or years later. In particular actually at that first shop in STL there was a stunning kind of Mexican/patio type skirt that had rows and rows of ric rac in different colors. I had one as a little kid *and* had a tiny doll with one, and I desperately wanted to buy it but it was a little too small. I still feel like I should have bought it and sucked it up (literally) and worn a girdle. ;P


  • I’m on the west coast and it’s harder and harder to find true vintage deals, you are so lucky! πŸ˜‰ Great finds!


    • Thanks! And same here in Chicago (particularly for clothes), except for odd places here. It was a delightful change! πŸ˜€


  • Love it all! Next time you’re in town check out my friend Beth’s shop, Parsimonia on South Grand (there are more shops there, too. You’ll flip out! http://www.shopparsimonia.com/


  • Bahahah OMG PIA!!! I can’t stop looking at that photo. Too funny!

    You definitely scored big in the vintage department! Loooove that Miss North/South scarf. Now that would make some cute fabric!

    Glad you’re feeling refreshed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  • That lamp! I’ve seen a pair of these in blue and they wanted $200 for the set. It was too rich for my blood, so I’m on the hunt for one or two of these beauties in any colour. You guys are so lucky. (Sigh)


  • Swoon! What amazing finds!


  • Wow! So much vintage treasure! That lamp is amazing, love the pink and gold discs. The blue and grey skirt and the pin up scarf are also fantastic.


  • That Miss America scarf is so great! It would make great framed wall art.


  • What a haul of cute skirts! I don’t blame you for not painting the rest of the rooms – you guys have been busy living it up.

    You and Mel both look great, too. But then again, you guys always have. πŸ˜€


  • You guys totally scored on everything! All of those Hawaiian prints are SO amazing! And I love your idea of framing that scarf. I agree, it needs to be showcased and seen!


  • LOVE your outfit! Perfect for the holiday!

    And what finds! I think my favorite is the scarf and lamp!



  • What an absolute bevy of magnificent finds!!! I had to go back and savour the photos a second time. That sounds like my dream vintage store (any chance they want to open a Canadian branch?). Congrats on all your wonderful new (old!) treasures!

    β™₯ Jessica


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