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Hello, friends! Long time no see, and we meet again partway into a new year! Early spring has been very busy for me, including a wonderful trip to Iceland last month, and oh yeah, the reason I’m here: I’ve been preparing to release my first sweater knitting pattern! Mm hm, you heard me right.

I haven’t released a knitting pattern since 2016 (Fayne, a lovely plaid-inspired beret, was my last one). In fact, up until about four months ago, I was completely sure I had no interest in releasing another knitting pattern ever again. And in spite of designing vintage-inspired sweaters for myself all the time, I’ve always maintained I would never do a design for others.

There was no epiphany or lightbulb moment about why I changed my mind. I just kind of, well, did.

There’s loads of reasons to not design another knitting pattern, and few reasons to do it, if I’m being honest. Money certainly isn’t a motivating factor; in fact it’s entirely possible I might not even make back the money I spent on hiring a technical editor. And that’s only the actual monetary investment. There’s countless hours of design, research, learning how to setup a grading chart for multiple sizes… it’s an absolute ton of work. And plenty of places for things to go wrong. So I had to decide to do it just because I wanted to do it. And ultimately I decided that was a good enough reason to do it. And so I did.

I’ve spent a large part of this year gearing up for this! Months designing, knitting, planning, preparing. Finally, I’m close—my test knit is winding up this week. I’ve been very fortunate to have a group of talented knitters to share my enthusiasm for this design. It’s been incredibly satisfying seeing my upcoming pattern coming to life on other people’s needles! And I’m finally getting really excited.

Do you like the sound of dramatic 1950s batwing-inspired sleeves, in a seamless knit, with two stripe options and two boatneck neckline options, size inclusive from 30-62″ / 76.25-157.5cm finished bust sizes, and 3 pages of customization tips? Then you’re in the right place.

Watch this space next week, for the launch of the Legendaire pullover. See you soon!

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